Amnesty International

Snohomish County Chapter 492

What We Do

Throughout the world, human beings are being subjected to imprisonment, torture and murder solely on the basis of color, religion, sex, political beliefs or gender.

As the largest human rights organization in the world, Amnesty International seeks to address human rights abuses worldwide by promoting awareness of the abuses and approaching world leaders to request that they observe international human rights standards in the treatment of their citizens.

Amnesty International opposes discrimination against any group or individual on the basis of color, religion, sex, political beliefs or gender, provided they have not used or advocated violence. Amnesty International also opposes unfair or unjust imprisonment, brutal or inhumane treatment and the death penalty.

As a local chapter of Amnesty International, AI Group 492 of Snohomish County actively works to further the cause of human rights, both in our own country and internationally. We do this by sending letters to leaders on international, national and local levels to address violations of human rights. We also send out weekly broadcasts on KSER 90.7 radio to inform the public of important issues in concerning human rights.

Our group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the KSER radio station. We invite all those who are concerned about the issue of human rights and want to make a difference.